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Right now, all the fad is about ecology. But why? Well, when the whole Earth is dying to global warming and other things about ecology, people tend to think about these things a little more.


Ecology is really important, as the more you learn about ecology the more you can help the world in general. Ecologists can study organisms and know how the world is changing because of their studies. Therefore, there is a definitive advantage by knowing ecology as you can know how the world is changing.

Trivia and Other StuffEdit

  • Ecology is a combination of the studies of Earth science and biology.
    • Combining two fields into one is always good, as therefore you technically know both the fields.
  • The levels of organization in ecology are a biosphere, biomes, ecosystems, communities, populations, and organisms.
    • These levels help ecologists organize information in terms of largest to smallest, which does help in changing the world. Organization is great.